Welcome to Fullvoyeur.
Thanks for visit, since year 2020, we have new system for paid videos, now members can paid and watch online any videos by points, don’t need to paid for download full pack (v1, v2…)
How to purchase points:

– First, you need register: https://vip.fullvoyeur.com/wp-login.php?action=register
– Make a payment via paypal with $0.15 (USD) for 1 point. Minium 40 points  ($6 USD) for every purchase.
– Insert numbers of point you need to purchase and click buy button, your points auto add after completed payment.

How many points to unlock paid videos:
– You need 01 point/video ($0.15). When you unlock content, 01 point will be decrease in your points balance, you can watch video and download after unlock paid content.
– Unlock content will be expired after 14 days.


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If you have any question, please contact Email: [email protected]